im-age ar´chae-ol´o-gy™, [im-ij] [ahr-kee-ol-uh-jee], n. 1. The systematic recovery by artistic methods of imagery within the ground of a painting. 2. A dig into the surface ground with the butt of a paintbrush to imprint an image. 3. The space between the figure and the ground from which emerges a skeletal impression of an image. 4. A constant searching for the middle ground through the application of paint and projected thought that culminated into a work of art.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

I Am Free

Journal Cover
Today I am posting a picture of my journal "Thoughts to Think About".  I began the journal in the spring of 77.  I was sixteen.  Obviously I am not Robert Frost, but it is fun to look at these corny old thoughts and use them as inspiration for my next series of work.

Flash forward 38 years.  I am so glad I saved this journal of "angst".  As I read through the pages I laugh and giggle at my thoughts of youth.  I will be sharing some of these thoughts, poems and lines in the coming months as the series "Thoughts to Think About" unfolds.

At the end of this first entry I write, "I am free".  What a wonderful insight.  To feel free.  What a beautiful memory of that time period when the world was ahead of me.  It reminds me of the song that came out that following year by STYX--"Come Sail Away with Me".  I was almost free and getting ready to launch into adulthood. What a great feeling to be free.

My next painting in this series will be..."I am Free".

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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Time...is finished

Time, acrylic, 14 x 30, 2015

This is the first complete painting in my new series, "Thoughts to Think About".  When I was a very young teen, I had a journal which I called "thoughts to think about".

250.00 plus shipping, taxes and handling

Monday, June 8, 2015

Pine Cross in process

I am continuing my work on Pine Cross this week.  I started this painting 18 months ago before my move to Missouri to accept a full time teaching position.  I had a long interlude without studio time and posting because of this move and subsequent return to my home area.  Without a lot of explanation...it did not work out.  What is important is to continue the work.  Here we are again.  You can see before and after in this post.  I will continue to post the progress of this work as this blog has always been about painting and the painting process thus a "painter who blogs".  I am moving into a new realm of work.  I will continue my image archaeological works and am beginning to work on words that go with the process.  I plan to publish the works (words) as cards and prints.  More to come on these happenings...for now I hope you "dig" the new work and Namaste.


"Thoughts to Think About".  A new series.  Inspired by a song by Hendrix with the lyric repeated over and over again.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Born in the USA and damn proud of it....eat your heart out Jasper Johns!

I think this is a timely post considering that we are in the middle of a Govy shutdown and there is a disgruntled attitude at present in general around DC.  However, I am one the THE most patriotic people I know and fourth of July is my favorite day.  I had intended to finish these for the celebration this year, but my research took a front seat.  Thus, USA...enjoy!  And I am damn proud to be an American!

USA, Joan Marie Giampa, 12 x 12 inch panels, tryptich, 2013

This work is for sale.  Please send me an email at joni33033@gmail.com.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

"Returning to Zero"

Dreams, 1976

I think I am "returning to zero" to quote Robert Redford...
Matthew Rothschild:
"Q: You have this concept that you call "returning to zero." What does that mean?
To refresh yourself, you stop and say, "OK, I'm going to take some time off and rethink, and pretend that I'm just starting out again and look at things freshly for the first time." It gives you a kind of energy. It's recharging, and it allows you to keep taking chances rather than getting safe with the ones you've taken."

Source: Matthew Rothschild. "Robert Redford Interview." The Progressive. 6/02/2009. pg. 35.

I remember what it felt like to paint "Dreams".  I was 16 and the song "Dreams" by Fleetwood Mac had a huge influence on my work.  I was trying to paint my "crystal visions".  It was magical and I had a passion to "dive" into the canvas--to paint color.  

I want to feel all those feelings again and remove the debris in my mind--cluttered mounds of aesthetic criticism from years of exposure and attempt.  I paint as I have always painted--for me!  That sums it up.  I paint for me!

Storms, 2013

This new image is called "Storms".  I guess it sums up what I am feeling lately.  I am in the process of making some big life changes that will alter my destiny.  They say there comes a time when we choose in life as to whether or not we are going to be a "master" or "slave" of our destiny.  I am focused on neither at the moment.  And for the first time in many years, I am not thinking so much about destiny.  I am focusing on the present--"I am returning to zero"!
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Friday, July 19, 2013

Closing Reception for Anagramation

Closing reception at Red Caboose Gallery tomorrow--Saturday July 20th from 3-5 pm.  Got the summer doldrums...come by and grab some vino or some H20 and enjoy the afternoon with friends,  family and art...